While I was watching TV ...

This is what I did while I was watching TV today

Waiting for the mail...


I bought these things on tradera last week and waiting for them to plump down in the mailbox at any time. I'm so happy because I really wanted to make a copy of my self-designed lamp, though in miniature, so now I have finally found a cheap lundby lamp that I should re do =) This is what the original is looking like:

I had intended to use a Styrolit ball, but I wanted to be able to light it, so I waited until I found a cheap lundby lamp on tradera.
I "Happened" to bid on the stove and sink too =) I only have a mini kitchen that is red, but it wouldnt look good if I painted it, so now when I found a white, so I can finally make the kitchen the way I want it. Now I am waiting for things to come, then Im going to decorate more in my dollhouse that I'm doing right now.

More pictures coming soon!


fred aldous
materialbutiken (balsa wood)

The Miniature Swap- pictures

This is what I recived in the miniature swap: 
from Hannah.
From AnneLo
From Lotta
From Linda
It was really fun to make the swap and I hope there is going to be more swaps later =)
I just want to say thank you Hannah, AnneLo, Lotta and Linda soo much for all the nice things!



Other: denmark

Design inspiration a swedish inspiration-site where people show their home a lot of ideas on pinterest

Teddy bear

This is what I yesterday. It´s really fun once I started to figure out the technique  =) 
This is my first. I have already started to do two more.

Help me choose a wallpaper!

Which wallpaper do you think I should choose for a child's room? It´s so hard to decide.
Both of them are so lovely!
They are from marimekko and ferm living =) 

My livingroom 1:1 and 1:12

This is one part of my real livingroom. I have made everything myself.
The Tv is a picture from internet that I have scaled to the right size.
The plant is made of grape twigs (is that the right word for it??) that I have glued painted paper on to. It´s ok but I could have made more of an efford on the plant to make it more like the original.

The photos is photographed when they were up on the shelf and then changed in photoshop, then I printed the small pictures and glued them on cardboard and painted black on the back and sides.

The shelf is made of two ice cream sticks I glued together in the center.

Fotona har jag fotat när dom var uppe på hyllan och sen ändrat i photoshop, sen har jag skrivit ut dom små bilderna och klistrat fast dom på kartong och målat svart på baksidan och på sidorna.
Here you see it in full scale and miniature =) Its sooo fun to see everything become so small!

Wallpapers and floors

Here is a picture of the first wallpaper that I put in the dollhouse. I´ve also put in the floors for these two rooms.
The pictures is first without lighting from the camera, and then with. It´s so dark in my apartment right now so the colors didn´t came out right.

♥ Miniatures ♥

Check out this video! So amazing stuff!


I'm so excited! I have started a miniature swap on a Facebook group. I'm still fairly new with making miniatures, but have seen that others have done swaps, so I thought it would be a really fun thing to do. So I looked at the others who had made swaps and saw how you could do. So now anyone who wants can sign up for the swap, and the application deadline is on Wednesday (the 3rd of October). Then you get to know who you should send to. It will be really fun!

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