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Today I will show you two pages with a LOT of links to other pages.




On the first, there are links to various DIY projects. I like it very much.

The other one is in French, but if you have google chrome you can translate the whole page and still understand what it is even though you can not understand French =) Here are hundreds of printies.

So now you have something to do all day on the 3rd of december =)
Have a great day!

Today´s Quote:
"Fall seven times, stand up eight."
~ Japanese Proverb

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X-Mas Shop by Dany Zens
I saw this video by DANY ZENS and want to share with you
This miniaturist makes very pretty things =) 
And maybe this gives you inspiration for christmas decorations.

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Kitchen Renovation
I was up last night and renovated the kitchen. I had started to paint all counters, shelves and worktops in white, but it did not look so pretty. So when I would do the "tiles" I realized that I could take a white card stock and add adhesive plastic. It turned out good, so I thought it probably would be nice to do on the things I have painted too. So I tried to do that and after some time, I was ready. The kitchen was much nicer! Made a table too. I was going to buy a round table but this one turned out pretty good =) The kitchen is not ready yet but so far it looks like this: