My projects right now

I have made a table and a mirror that I put up in the hall.
I'll make candlesticks and some accessories that should be on the table also.

Another project I'm doing right now is Christmas decorations.
I´m printing christmas wrapping paper, labels, boxes, and other things that have to do with Christmas.

We also have a Christmas Swap on our Facebook group right now. It went really well with the first swap I organized, so now we have our second.

I have decided that I will have giveaways here on the blog for my new readers.
It's really nice that so many people follow me and my miniatures.

Please comment my posts more so I may know who you are =)


The Miniature Swap- pictures

This is what I recived in the miniature swap: 
from Hannah.
From AnneLo
From Lotta
From Linda
It was really fun to make the swap and I hope there is going to be more swaps later =)
I just want to say thank you Hannah, AnneLo, Lotta and Linda soo much for all the nice things!


I'm so excited! I have started a miniature swap on a Facebook group. I'm still fairly new with making miniatures, but have seen that others have done swaps, so I thought it would be a really fun thing to do. So I looked at the others who had made swaps and saw how you could do. So now anyone who wants can sign up for the swap, and the application deadline is on Wednesday (the 3rd of October). Then you get to know who you should send to. It will be really fun!