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I´m back!

Hello! I'm back!
I have not blogged for a while now because I've been busy throughout december.
Me and my friend were on holiday in gran canaria and enjoyed the sun and the sea.
It was really wonderful to get a break and get away from the snow, to the warm weather.
Then it's been Christmas and New Year's Eve.
Now I can finally relax and start crafting again.
Hope you had a good time during the holidays. Have a great 2013!

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Candle tutorial

In the miniature group on Facebook that I'm in, it was a woman who said that you could make candles in cut straws. I decided to try to make them. I hope you understand my description. It's not that complicated, but it can get pretty messy ...

1 Light some real candles. I had three of them but if you want to do a lot of minicandles at the same time it's good to have more. Use a sheet of paper or anything else you can throw away later (It gets very messy) Cut the straws in different lengths depending on how long candles you want to make.

2 Pour some stearic on the paper and hurry to set up the straws before it solidifies.

3 Cut thread that will be the wick.

4 Pour the stearic into the straws. Fill up all and wait a little while before putting in the thread.

5 Add the thread. I found that if you lay the end of the thread in stearic and pinching the ends so the end gets hard, it will be easier to put it down the straw, but you can test what works best for yourself. Move the thread to the center the more the stearic hardens, and you get them well positioned.

6 When the stearic has hardened, take  them away of the paper. Push out the candles from the straws. I used a tool with a small ball at the tip. Then it would be easy to push out the lights of straws.

Hope you found this helpful! 


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Christmas gifts

 I always have to get an outlet for my creativity and I LOVE Christmas when you are able to do lots of lovely and special gift wrapping solutions. One year I had wrapped a package to my little brother and put on a light trail run by battery. So when I would put it under the tree so I lit the same time and it was a nice decoration. But it's a bit sad that when you spent so much time on the packaging itself as you open the package after all then, and then you have to throw away all the decorations.

Today I´ve printed a lot of miniature Christmas paper, labels, Christmas cards, boxes, etc. 
So it'll be fun with my first Christmas in the miniature world. Then I can make Christmas gifts thats not meant to be opened, and does not take lot of space. =)


Classic childhood toys

I just had to show you these keychains! 
Im sure they work perfectly in our small houses! 
These are classic childhood toys that are fully functional too! I love the phone!
That one is sold out right now, but maybe I will buy one later =) 
You can buy them online at

My projects right now

I have made a table and a mirror that I put up in the hall.
I'll make candlesticks and some accessories that should be on the table also.

Another project I'm doing right now is Christmas decorations.
I´m printing christmas wrapping paper, labels, boxes, and other things that have to do with Christmas.

We also have a Christmas Swap on our Facebook group right now. It went really well with the first swap I organized, so now we have our second.

I have decided that I will have giveaways here on the blog for my new readers.
It's really nice that so many people follow me and my miniatures.

Please comment my posts more so I may know who you are =)


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Here you can
find many printables in various categories. There are very useful.
Warning! You can get stuck for hours on this page! =)
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Two sofas

Now I continue to decorate Lundby house =)
It's so fun!
Today I have built two sofas.
So now it happens a lot in the house, it has been collecting dust a long time but now it is much activity in there =)
(sorry for the bad quality)


When my son was little and I would decorate his room, I found this castle on the internet and absolutely fell in love with it! I was looking where to buy it and found it. But it cost 6000 SEK so there was no castle for me (my son). Instead I he got a bunk bed with a slide.
But the castle is still in my head. It´s so nice! I still want one of those in my son's room. I've been thinking of building one myself, but now that I would decorate the doll house, I realized that I can build it in miniature! I was so glad I could finally decorate with one of those even if it is only in miniature =)

Mine is not done yet, Im going to paint the steps so that the whole is white, then I put in floors and pillows and a lamp inside =) But this is how it looks so far:

And this is the original:

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