Finally, I started the renovation of the dollhouse. I've had the dollhouse standing in the kitchen for a long time, but postponed the renovation because it was so difficult.
I tried to paint the kitchen but it was the wrong kind of color and it was a very bad result. But now I finally get it, and decided me to unscrew everything. I noticed that it was really easy to unscrew because it was not glued. So now I have unscrewed everything, and poured hot water and dish soap in the bathtub and put the floor plate in the water. Then it was just to scrub off the paper floors.
I dont have time to renovate so much this weekend, but next week I will really get started =)


I have borrowed three books about miniatures from the library. Two are in Swedish and the third in English. I have already found many things that I want to make, so we'll see what happens =)

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